Aquabike Easy Line

Aquabike Easy Line is the Aqua Cycling Aquabike by Hydrorider that gives fitness centers, recreation clubs, Wellness-Spas and private pools the possibility to bring Aquacycling into their facilities with the design and quality that distinguish Hydrorider products at a reasonable price.

The Easy Line Aquabike is innovatively designed for ergonomic positioning, and crafted for optimum performance.

The HYDRORIDER®  EASYLINE stationary aquabike is made of marine stainless steel, innovatively designed for ergonomic positioning, and crafted for optimum performance. 

+HANDLEBARS: Adjustable upward and downward with an inclination that allows correct height alignment.
+SADDLE: Adjustable allowing right height alignment. Gel saddle for extra comfort.
+PEDALS: Pedals and central pin rotate on synthetic self-lubricated supports which require no maintenance and give the central movement fluid, continuous motion. 
+RESISTANCE: Determined by two polygonal profiles under the pedals, designed to give constant resistance when pedaling. Resistance will also increase with speed. 
+BASE: covered with double anti ski rubber protection for better floor adhesion. Adjustable for pool depth and to account for any sloping. Safe on all types of pool floors including ceramic tile, mosaic, and PVC. 

+MATERIALS: Built from top of the line, Italian AISI 316L marine stainless steel, HYDRORIDER® is revered for quality materials and superior construction.

+DESIGN: European styling and design balanced with ergonomic positioning. Along with performance capabilities, HYDRORIDER® aquabikes are celebrated for their chic look. 

+USAGE: Setup of the bike requires a few simple steps. Ideal water height is between waist and sternum height. Bases are adjustable for deeper water and additional depth extensions are available.  Aqua shoes are highly recommended. 

+MAINTENANCE: HYDRORIDER®  aquabikes are built to last. The equipment is developed from top of the line materials in order to provide optimum performance and longevity. All bikes come with a 2 year manufacturer's warranty based on assurance of correct usage as well as recommended preventative care.

Easy to use, Easy to handle, Easy to storage. It can be stored or left on the pool deck or in the water. The weight balancing and the steady bases make it a very stable and safe equipment.


Hydrorider has been featured in Grazia Daily,  Club Industry, Time, Steve Harvey Show, Shape Magazine, AQUAFITNESS Journal France,Vanity Fair, The Doctor Says, and on Channel 6 San Diego to name a few. 

Hydrorider bikes are in NYC's chic AQUA Studio and recently became the exclusive equipment for cycling under the stars on the Italian MSC Divina cruise shop.


Dimentions: 130x60x140 cm

Weight: 18,5 kg

Equipment including pack weight: 22 kg

The aqua bike or water bikes and aquatreadmill or water treadmill, have been successfully used with great results for physical and motory rehabilitation, water therapy, weight loss and for disable users.